How Much Is the Cost to Set Up a Arizona LLC?

Are you thinking of starting a business in Arizona?

Creating an LLC, or limited liability company, is a popular option for many entrepreneurs due to the protection it provides against personal liability.

However, setting up an LLC can come with various costs that may vary depending on several factors.

The cost to set up an LLC in Arizona typically includes state filing fees, legal fees for drafting and filing necessary documents, and any additional expenses such as obtaining an EIN number or publishing a notice of formation.

For those looking to set up a new business in Arizona, figuring out the cost of forming an LLC is an important consideration. There are various fees and related expenses to keep in mind as LLC arizona regulations can vary from other states.

When determining the cost to set up an Arizona LLC, it’s essential to account for all expenses, including hiring a reputable business arizona LLC service to help with the process.

One of the key expenses to consider while setting up an Arizona LLC are the various fees involved, such as the required business filing fees in arizona to register with the state and obtain the necessary permits, licenses and tax IDs.

In this article, we will explore these costs in detail to give you a better understanding of how much you can expect to pay when creating an LLC in Arizona.

Understanding The Benefits Of An LLC

If you are considering starting a business in Arizona, you might be wondering about the cost and feasibility of setting up an LLC.

One of the main benefits of forming an LLC is that it provides liability protection for its members. This means that if the LLC faces legal action, the personal assets of its members are generally not at risk.

Additionally, LLC taxation can be more flexible than other business structures, allowing for pass-through taxation where profits and losses flow through to individual tax returns.

Another advantage of forming an LLC is that it can help establish credibility with customers and vendors. By creating a separate legal entity for your business, you demonstrate professionalism and commitment to your enterprise.

While there are costs associated with setting up an LLC, such as filing fees and legal expenses, many entrepreneurs find that the benefits outweigh these initial investments.

Ultimately, forming an LLC can provide peace of mind and protection as you pursue your business goals in Arizona.

State Filing Fees

As we have discussed in the previous section, forming an LLC has several benefits. However, before you set up your Arizona LLC, you should know that there are state filing fees that you need to pay.

The cost of setting up an LLC in Arizona is relatively affordable compared to other states.

The state processing time for LLC formation varies depending on the state’s workload and the complexity of the application. In Arizona, it takes approximately 10-15 business days for your LLC to be approved. If you need your LLC approved faster, you can expedite the process by paying an additional fee.

Additionally, it’s important to note that forming an LLC isn’t the only alternative business structure available. You may also consider forming a sole proprietorship or a partnership depending on your business needs and goals.

Legal Fees For Drafting And Filing Documents

Hiring a lawyer to set up an Arizona LLC can be a daunting and expensive task. The thought of paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for legal fees can be overwhelming, especially for small business owners on a tight budget.

However, there are DIY options available for those who want to save money and take control of the process themselves.

While the DIY route may save money upfront, it’s important to consider the potential risks and complications that can arise without professional legal guidance. It’s crucial to weigh both options carefully and make an informed decision regarding lawyer selection or going the DIY route when setting up an Arizona LLC.

Additional Expenses For Arizona LLCs

As mentioned in the previous section, legal fees for drafting and filing documents are just one expense to consider when setting up an Arizona LLC. There are additional expenses that are necessary to complete the LLC formation process.

One of the most significant expenses is the cost of required documentation. Arizona law requires several documents to be filed with the state government, including Articles of Organization, a Certificate of Disclosure, and an Operating Agreement. Each document has its own set of fees ranging from $50-$150.

Additionally, if you choose to use a registered agent service instead of serving as your own registered agent, there will be an annual fee for their services. These expenses can add up quickly and should be factored into your budget when considering the cost of setting up an Arizona LLC.

Tips For Reducing Costs When Setting Up An LLC In Arizona

Setting up an LLC in Arizona can be a costly process, but there are several ways to reduce the expenses.

One of the most effective ways is to opt for a DIY formation instead of hiring a lawyer or a professional service provider. By doing it yourself, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in legal fees and other expenses associated with hiring outside help.

Another cost-saving measure is to take advantage of online resources available for setting up an LLC in Arizona. There are many websites that offer free or low-cost templates, guides, and tools that can help you navigate the process without breaking the bank.

Some popular options include legalzoom, incfile, and rocket lawyer. These sites provide step-by-step instructions on how to register your LLC with the state, file necessary documents, obtain necessary licenses and permits, and more.

By utilizing these resources, you can ensure that your Arizona LLC is set up correctly while keeping costs to a minimum.


In conclusion, setting up an LLC in Arizona can be a smart move for business owners looking to protect their personal assets while enjoying the benefits of a flexible business structure.

However, it’s important to be aware of the costs associated with forming an LLC in this state.

While state filing fees and legal fees are unavoidable expenses, there are ways to reduce costs when setting up an LLC in Arizona.

By doing research and choosing cost-effective options for services such as registered agent and business formation packages, entrepreneurs can save money without sacrificing quality.

With careful planning and budgeting, starting an Arizona LLC can be a financially feasible option for small business owners.

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